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At the beginning of 2020, in times of pandemic, we had to think about diverse ways that were going to allow us to continue operating despite the difficulties COVID-19 generated. Globally, we are experiencing a health crisis that made many things impossible in many sectors of the world. The strong impact at the logistical and economic level forced many companies to close their doors. In KING HARDCORE, we carried out many maneuvers, and with the technical team, we decided to take measures. Whereas our greatest demand for products is in South America, we decided to look for suppliers from Latin America. We trust that Brazil could be a strategic point to us, helping the company to deal its problems with the unique intention of not increasing product costs and thus avoid affecting the end consumer. We decided to package our products in Brazil in order to make possible our mission: meet the demand of products to continue offering the best to all. We want to move forward with you while we stay committed to our work. To take our products until their distribution, we are operating 40% in Brazil. Our laboratory continues to operate in the USA but we can only pack in Brazil. We are very grateful to all the brand's collaborators who make it possible to connect with people who are carrying out this process with a lot of work and determination.

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